Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Released by Intrada Records, February 2, 2015

  1. Tapestry
  2. If You Believe / Main Title (Performed by Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman)
  3. Pixie Dust Factory
  4. Where Are You Off To?
  5. Pixie Dust Express
  6. The Hall of Scepters
  7. Maybe I Can Help
  8. The Fireworks Launcher
  9. The Finishing Touch / I Had a Fight with Tink
  10. Fairy Tale Theatre (Performed by Grey DeLisle and Julie Garnyé)
  11. Tink Sails Away
  12. Tink Tries for More Pixie Dust
  13. I’m On My Own
  14. Sailing Further North
  15. Blaze the Stowaway
  16. I’ll Take First Watch
  17. The Lost Island
  18. Tink Finds the Arch
  19. Troll Bridge Toll Bridge
  20. The Ship That Sunk
  21. Searching the Ship
  22. They Find the Mirror of Encanta
  23. I Was Wrong
  24. Rat Attack
  25. I Can’t Do This Without You
  26. Presenting the Autumn Scepter
  27. Our Finest Revelry Ever
  28. If You Believe, Part 2 (Performed by Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman)
  29. The Gift of a Friend (Performed by Demi Lovato)
  30. Where the Sunbeams Play (Performed by Méav Ni Mhalchatha)